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Dynasty/Omega Cabinetry:

When you're looking for a kitchen like no other, the Dynasty semi-custom and Omega Custom lines blend together with ease, giving you that stunning kitchen without breaking the bank. By offering matching door styles and finishes in both lines, it is a breeze to integrate a few custom pieces without paying for full custom throughout. It’s a value that you can’t find with any other brand.  Dynasty/Omega's solid wood case construction makes your cabinetry ready for a lifetime of use. But you don't have to wait a lifetime to appreciate it. Dynasty/Omega cabinets are delivered square, stable and easy to install because they start with solid, kiln-dried select hardwood frames. Unlike many cabinet manufacturers, each door is produced (even our curved doors) on site allowing the same rigorous quality standards to be applied to the doors as given to the rest of the products.  Choose from Maple, Cherry Red Birch, Pecan, Oak, Quartersawn Oak, Alder, and Walnut with various stains and more than 50 different styles to personalize your cabinets.

Quality Cabinets:

Quality Cabinets might have a common name, but their products are anything but basic.  As one of America’s largest cabinet manufacturers, Quality Cabinets offers cabinetry for the entire home.  Built to strict standards, you also get sophisticated style and design flexibility at the most competitive price on the market.  Quality Cabinets offers selections to fit any style, project, or budget.  Quality Cabinets offers the client their choice of Cherry, Maple, Hickory, Oak, or Laminates; with a variety of different colors and styles to make every room unique.  When selecting your Quality Cabinets make sure to add your personal touch by adding some design accessories like crown molding, corbel, or decorative hardware.  Quality Cabinets stands behind all their products with a two year limited warranty. 

Mid Continent:

Mid Continent Cabinetry offers one of the largest cabinet portfolios in the industry; providing different solutions for all needs.  Mid Continent offers three lines of cabinetry the Signature Series, the Pro Series, and Norcraft Series.  The Signature Series offers quality, hand crafted cabinetry in a wide range of door styles and popular woods species. A large selection of stain and glaze choices, construction upgrades, special modifications and design options offer the flexibility to reflect any style without compromise.  Offered in Oak, Maple, White, Hickory, and Cherry.  Exclusively available to our contractor market channel, the Mid Continent Pro Series represents an opening price point line of framed cabinetry. Built from the same high quality standards, the Pro Series offers a limited selection of styles, species, finishes and options.  Offered in Oak, Maple, and White.  All Mid Continent Cabinets are backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc:

Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc. offers inspired cabinet solutions for rooms throughout the home.  No matter where the cabinet application will go, Jim Bishop Cabinets offers the right style, color, and texture to enhance any room.  With three styles of construction, value, standard, and deluxe Jim Bishop Cabinets can fit into anyone’s budget.  Choose from Maple, Cherry, Oak, and Thermafoil then combine any style with your choice of glaze to create your custom interior.  Add the finishing touches by selecting different accessories and accents to make your cabinets stand out from the rest.  When choosing Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc. you get more than just cabinets, you get a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.


Corian Solid Surfaces:

Corian solid surfaces are built to with-stand the day to day wear and tear while providing superior style no matter the application.  DuPont offers over 130 colors to choose from, allowing your creativity to run free.  Corian solid surfaces are nonporous, heat and scratch resistant, stain resistant, bacteria and mold resistant, easily repairable, and backed with a 10-year limited warranty.  These attributes add up to a more durable and resistant surface than granite, that is easily cut to make shapes and curves, complex edge details, custom drain boards, backsplashes, and trivets.



Wilsonart High Definition Laminate:

Wilsonart HD combines high definition, high drama, and high durability.  Wilsonart High Definition Laminate surpasses all other in appearance; exceptional depth and texture, flow of color, and play of light and shadow create deep luxurious looks that intrigue the eye and invite the fingertips.  Stopping your guests in their tracks is more affordable with Wilsonart HD Laminate, a surprising value when compared to other surfaces proving to truly be the most affordable luxury you’ll ever make your own.  Wilsonart HD’s durability is second to none!  Developed from technologies designed for laminate flooring, Wilsonart HD delivers three times the wear-resistance of industry standards.  Wilsonart HD is nonporous, requiring no sealing and comes in 16 different colors from three design styles Deepstar, Bella, and Sedona.

Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces:

Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces, by Dupont, are 93% pure quartz crystal providing natural depth and radiance without the imperfections commonly found in natural stone.  Quartz being one of nature’s strongest materials makes for a surface that is both durable and resistant.  Zodiaq can be custom fit for any application and is essentially maintaince free!  Zodiaq’s nonporous surface requires no sealing agents and will naturally maintain its luster for years.  Offered in over 30 different colors you are sure to find the perfect match for your application.  Zodiaq is also backed by a 10-year limited warranty. 

Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces:

Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces is the original quartz-based engineered stone.  Comprised of 93% crushed quartz combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. The slabs are post cured, gauged to precise thickness, and polished to an enduring shine.  Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces come in 40 different colors and 12 different edge options to economically customize any application.  Caesarstone Quartz is chip, crack, heat, and burn resistant, but also scratch, stain, mold, and mildew resistant.  Not to mention, Caesarstone will never be harmed by chemicals, acids, and solvents.  With immunity to freezing, thawing, scratching, and stains, all backed with a 10 year warranty.

Virginia Marble Manufacturers, Inc.:

Virginia Marble offers cultured marble, granite, and onyx all reproduced to reflect the beauty of the natural elements with the resistance found in cultured stone.  Virginia Marble’s products range from vanity tops to shower pans and custom countertops.  Virginia Marble products are made to order, making any custom product unmistakably you.  Customize your edges with choices of beveled, dripless, or plain.  There are 31 different color choices for Virginia Marble Manufacturers marble, granite, and onyx.  Cultured marbles provides an extremely durable, nonporous, stain resistant surface where maintenance is as simple as a soft sponge or cloth and non-abrasive aerosol foam cleaner.  Virginia Marble offers one of the highest values for the price.


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